You may have a case if…

  • You have been involved in unjust enrichment, restitution, or human rights violations.
  • If you have suffered from a side effect or developed a health problem from taking a drug.
  • If you are consumer who has been taken advantage of, cheated or ripped off
  • If someone purchased a vehicle and it has a defect or problem, then joining together…

Class Action

Over the years, we have represented clients in numerous class action law suits, in conjunction with other firms.

A class action suit is really nothing more than a group of people who claim the same injustice or injury against a company. There can be consumer class action suits, in which a group may bring a claim against a faulty product or wide-spread food poisoning, for example. There are employment class action suits in which a group of employees have issue with the same or very similar workplace injustice. For example, restaurant employees may bring a class action suit against the restaurant if managers routinely do not allow rest breaks, or do not pay overtime.

We have represented a number of class action cases in both consumer and employment claims, many of which have been against large international corporations.

Contact us as soon as possible. As Los Angeles class action attorneys, we will evaluate your situation to determine if you have a case.

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